Case-Maul Clamps



Case-Maul Custom Clamp Portfolio

Model: PP-4N

Description: This modification of our PP-4 is only one inch wide. It mounts with two 1/4" bolts on the clamp centerline. This clamp features a .265" diameter hole through the plunger for a pin to securely lock the clamp in the closed position. The clamp has a black grip to match the customer's product colors.

Model: PP-4Rawlings

Description: This toggle clamp was designed for Rawlings to hold baseballs while they are stitched. The clamp was designed with a thicker heat-treated steel and changes were made to make it less likely to rust in humid conditions.

Model: PP-2DUN

Description: This modification of our PP-2 clamp was designed for a customer that needed the clamp to hold up better under constant use. The plunger rivets are 50% stronger than the standard design and metal screws replace standard rivets used to hold the side plates to the base. These modifications have doubled the working life of the clamp, and the cost was only 10% more than the stock version of the PP-2.

Model: U-5D

Description: This special U-5 clamp with a weldment for a base is designed to be welded to an OEM part. The clamp is tilted at a 45 degree angle. The clamp also has a detent pin that securely locks the clamp in the closed position. The spindle is also a custom design for the customer's unique application.

Model: UT-5B

Description: This special design clamp uses parts from our standard U-5 and U-8. Using the U-8 base shortens the height of the bar. The bar is a custom length and the tee handle is provided without grips for this application. The clamp also has a custom spindle length for their application. All of our clamps are available with a similar tee handle but we only stock straight handle models.

Model: UAT-1

Description: This is a standard UA-1 clamp with a tee handle option shown.

Model: D-4HOOK

Description: This is a prototype clamp made for a customer who wanted a clamp that could pull down and lock a cable.

Model: LU-20

Description: The precast mold industry uses large molds to pour concrete into to make the finished product. The molds often feature clamps to hold them closed until the conrete sets. This replacement clamp is strong and half the price of the original clamps used on the mold.

Model: CAT2095018

Description: Caterpillar wanted a clamp to hold a window of the cab open and the plastic latch was constantly breaking. We worked with Caterpillar engineering to design and produce the latch shown. The clamp features heat treated aircraft grade steel components and is powder coated for corrosion resistence and matching the other cab components.

Model: PP-3TLRX

Description: This prototype of a clamp is based on our popular PP-3 clamp, but features an extended handle for improved leverage and a saddle side plate design to incorporate a 1/8" pin to lock the plunger in place when the clamp is locked. The clamp is shown without the 1/8" pin.


Description: This clamp was designed to be used as a wheel brake. The clamp is stepped on by the machine operator to lock the wheel of the machine. We redesigned the handle of our standard PP-8 to make it easier to lock with the operator's foot.

Model: PP-4I

Description: This clamp was specifically modified for the Ford Motor Company to solve a corrosion problem. The clamp they initially used rusted when left outside. The clamp is used on racks which are used to move a popular SUV's running board. The racks are left outdoors when not in use and the plungers on the stock clamps rusted to the base. We redesigned the clamp to be nickel plated with extra clearance in the bore of the base. We also put a grease fitting on the base to further prevent corrosion. We modified the end of the plunger as shown and redesigned the handle and links to allow the clamp to be foot-operated. We made all of these customizations and provided production parts within 4 weeks time.

Model: D-2SSTC

Description: A customer wanted a toggle clamp to mount on a square tube. We designed and built 2000 of these within a very short time frame. The clamp features a pin to assure certain lock position. The clamp can be slide to different positions and when locked the base tilts to lock the clamp.

Model: PP-7BIMBA

Description: The pneumatic operated push pull toggle clamp locks in the plunger extended position. The clamp is made from stainless steel and has an stainless steel cylinder. The defense industry application demanded rapid turn around with no time for a second chance. Another clamp company told the customer the clamps were impossible on such short notice. Call us when you need rapid custom clamps.

Model: USA-7ISD

Description: An inventor approached us to make a clamp for a new demanding application. The clamp had to mount on two different surfaces 90 degrees apart. The clamp had to be corrosion resistent and had to feature an extra lock so that it could resist vibrating open. It also had to be adjustable in the field without tools. We made the clamp shown for his first 50 units and are ready to help you with your unique applications.